Introduction to Anesthesiology
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The anesthesiology department of the People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County is the first-level clinical department of the hospital, which has a professional and technical team with excellent professional quality。There are 16 medical staff in the department, including 1 associate senior title and 2 intermediate title.Among them, there is 1 deputy chief physician and 2 resident physicians。

The Department of Anesthesiology is equipped with advanced medical equipment,The operating room is equipped with high-end anesthesia machines such as Mindray A5 and MinDRay WATOEX-65,2 fully automatic multi-functional high-end vital signs monitor: Mindray T8 and various rescue equipment to ensure the safety of anesthesia patients;The laparoscopic surgery room has the latest imported TV laparoscope for surgical and gynecological minimally invasive surgery,The operating room is also equipped with multi-functional electric orthopedic and general surgical operating beds,Orthopaedic surgery is also accompanied by C-arm X-ray for orthopaedic minimally invasive surgery,There is a cold light source shadowless lamp,Central suction oxygen supply tower,Multifunctional electric knife and other equipment。

The anesthesiology department routinely performs anesthesia including general anesthesia, intraspinal anesthesia, and regional block anesthesia。General anesthesia can be carried out by intravenous anesthesia, combined anesthesia, laryngeal mask anesthesia;The projects of intraspinal anesthesia include epidural anesthesia, lumbo-epidural anesthesia, and sacral canal anesthesia;Regional block anesthesia includes brachial plexus block anesthesia and cervical plexus block anesthesia。Our department also participates in the rescue work of critically ill patients in hospitals and the preoperative consultation of critically ill patients。Postoperative analgesia for acute pain treatment was performed。

We are based on the concept of patient first service,We pursue the purpose of making the masses satisfied, the staff proud, the industry recognition, and the Party and government at ease for every surgical patient to grasp the quality of life safety,To protect your lives,Operating room group colleagues will be full of enthusiasm wholeheartedly for the majority of surgical patients to provide the best quality service。

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