Department of otorhinology
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2018-02-27 Share with friends:

The department of ent in our hospital is composed of eye, ear, nose and throat。At present, it can carry out the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in the department of eye, ear, nose and throat, and our department has always adhered to the purpose of "patient-centered, with satisfaction as the purpose" to relieve the pain for the majority of patients。

The department has: slit lamp, fundus mirror, pure tone electrical audiometry and other equipment。

The main technical projects carried out by the department are:

1. Ophthalmology: optometry, color vision examination, diplopia examination, fundus examination, slit-lamp Angle examination, lacrimal passage irrigation, lacrimal passage probing, lacrimal spot dilatation, stylematotomy, conjunctival foreign body removal, corneal foreign body removal。

2. Otorhinolaryngology: anterior rhinoscopy, indirect laryngoscopy, olfactory function test, removal of foreign bodies in ear canal, incision and drainage of pustule abscess in external ear canal, suction ear canal cleaning, nasal irrigation, removal of foreign bodies in nasal cavity, filling and hemostasis in anterior and posterior nasal holes, removal of nasal polyps, and removal of foreign bodies in throat。

Our department has always been adhering to the scientific spirit of dedication, truth-seeking, rigorous and innovative, in line with the idea of serving patients wholeheartedly, and wholeheartedly provide quality medical services for the majority of patients。