United as one, Doctor Ma is with you
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2019-09-10 Share with friends:

8月2日3日Mabian County encounterThe worst flood in 50 years灾害Mabian city river areaWater level up to540.Two meters, above the warning level2.7米。Heavy rain caused flash floods, some township roads, houses, water and electricity, communications, crops and other varying degrees of disaster, urban streets flooded, water and electricity通讯Some Bridges were damaged, some shops and houses flooded, and losses reached200 million yuan。

Bear responsibility in the face of disaster,8月5日In the CPCMabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital general branch committee under the leadership of the internal medicine branch党员Comrades and medical workers, carried out in Zhangba comprehensive vegetable market医疗救助活动,为Free medical services are provided to disaster relief and silt removal personnel

This medical volunteer activity,Fully embodies the vanguard model of party membersLeading roleCarried forwardMedical staff heal the wounded, the spirit of angels in white, unite as one, unite as one,灾后马边Reconstruction contribution力量。